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1. Bookings
After a provisional booking has been agreed, we (The Owner) will send a booking form  to the nominated party leader (the Customer), who must be a minimum of 18 years of age. The Customer is responsible for completing the form, and for drawing to the attention of all other members of the group the need for them to read, understand and consent to the Terms and Conditions. Any future correspondence will be with the Customer.
2. Occupancy & Usage
You agree to be a considerate guest and to take good care of the apartment, its furniture, fittings & equipment, and, although a final clean is included in the price of your holiday, to leave it in an acceptably tidy condition at the end of your stay.  You also agree not to act in any way which would cause disturbance to those residents or guests in neighbouring apartments and chalets and to abide by the rules of the building's owner and other occupants. Only persons named on the booking form will be permitted to use the apartment. Maximum occupancy consists of 5 guests. In the interests of fire and safety regulations and out of consideration for future guests, please note that smoking is not allowed in the apartment. Pets are not permitted.
3. Access & Departure Times
Access to the apartment is available from 3.00pm on the first day of rental and the property should be vacated by 10.00am on the last day of the rental period. This five hour time slot allows for the cleaning and preparation of the apartment for the next guests.
4. Breakdowns or Defects or Disruption
You shall report to us without delay, any breakdown in equipment or defects in the apartment. Arrangements for repair or replacement will be made as soon as possible. We shall not be liable to you for any temporary defects or stoppage in the supply of public services to the apartment, nor in respect of any equipment, machinery or appliance in the apartment
5. Payments
Payment must be made in full if the booking is made within 6 weeks of the arrival date.  For all other bookings a deposit of CHF 500 per week is required on booking and the balance is due not less than 6 weeks prior to arrival. If full payment is not paid at the due time, the owner reserves the right to cancel the booking. The Customer will then lose any deposits paid and will also be required to pay cancellation charges as detailed in Section 6.
6. Cancellations by the Customer
Cancellation charges payable by the Customer are as follows:-
More than 42 days notice - deposit only
42-30 days notice - 60% of the full amount
30-15 days notice- 75% of the full amount
14-0 days notice- 100% of the full amount
7. Liabilities
The Owner does not accept any responsibility or liability for acts of omission of third parties, which may prevent or disrupt a customers booking. The booking contract exists between the Owner and the Customer and is limited to the rental of the property and associated services only. The information and descriptions supplied are believed to be accurate and are offered in good faith. No liability can be accepted by the Owner for any injury, loss or damage to the Customer, any member of the Customer’s party or any visitor to the apartment, arising out of or in connection with the use of the apartment.
8. Force Majeure
No liability can be accepted by the Owner where the contract is affected by any event that the Owner could not, even with due care, foresee or avoid. These events include but are not limited to war, riot, civil commotion or strife, industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, acts of god, terrorist activity, adverse weather, government action, technical problems with transportation or other events outside the Owner’s control.
9. Damage, Removal of Items & Breakage
You will be liable for the costs associated with any damage, breakage or loss that you may cause during your stay in the apartment. You will be required to pay for these costs within 14 days of the completion of your holiday. Any costs, including legal expenses, involved in us collecting any outstanding charges will be paid by you in addition to the aforementioned. We reserve the right to levy a security deposit: in this event, we undertake to account to you for the security deposit and refund the balance minus any charges incurred for, but not limited to, excess cleaning, damage to the property and its contents and loss/non return of door keys, within 14 days of the completion of your holiday.
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